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I got my results. RNA sequencing results that are unique to your own biology.

What sets them apart from other gut sequencing companies out there, is that these guys look at the function of the bacteria, fungi and viruses in your gut by sequencing RNA. They also send you a glucose powder to look at your metabolic efficiency, and in a matter of a few weeks, you get your results on your smartphone, via the Viome app.

“What kinds of results?” Food recommendations, intestinal barrier health, butyrate production pathways, oxalate metabolism pathways, uric acid production pathways, inflammatory activity, metabolic fitness, active microbial diversity, digestive efficiency, protein fermentation, overall gas production, and many more.

My SUPERFOODS to date (late 2017)? Alfalfa sprouts, artichoke, brussel sprouts, eggs, endive, garlic, green tea, jerusalem artichoke, mustard seed, wild salmon, sauerkraut.

Viome made me realize I had low scores on my gut lining health and microbial diversity and richness. With the tools I had, I decided to heal my digestive system and for 2 years I consumed daily doses of bone broth, cider vinegar and lactofermented everything (kimchis, krauts, veggies in 2.5% brine, fermented sauces) and I healed myself.

I can now make and eat sourdough bread without feeling inflamed, tired or slow.

THIS IS A BIG DEAL. For 20 years I thought I was severely gluten intolerant, and according to 23andme I am also genetically lactose intolerant. I identified with those labels and thought I would never eat any wheat or most grains, or dairy. At least not in this lifetime. I realized these were symptoms of a compromised digestive system.

I look forward to doing a follow up test.

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